5 Things To Know About Life In A Country Town

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If you are heading to our Festival this week, we can’t wait to welcome you to our little township.

Of course, life in the country can be a little different to what our city counterparts are used to so here are 5 things to know about life in a country town 🙂


1. Businesses are not open 24 hours a day.

If you need things from the shops it pays to be organised and get to them before closing time.  Many of the shops shut around 5pm in the afternoon and some don’t stay open all weekend.


2. The shops don’t always have the product range you know.

Places like the pharmacy and food stores don’t carry every drug and food product that you might find in a metropolitan area. The shops do have a wide range of products but if it is something in particular that you need, make sure you bring it with you.

And while we are thinking about your health, our hospital is designed and staffed for the regular population of Millmerran – therefore at peak times (like festival week) if you present to emergency after hours because you’ve run out of medication you will most likely have a wait ahead of you so definitely, when it comes to medicine – please come prepared!


3. Sometimes the wildlife gets too close for comfort.

We’re a friendly bunch out here and that extends to the wildlife.  Generally our visitors love seeing a roo or two, it’s the flies and other insects that aren’t quite as welcome…  Come prepared for flies and remember to keep an eye out for roos and other wildlife on the roads.


4. Rise and shine!

The best part of the day is the morning and we don’t like wasting a second! We do kick off early with a lot of our team (and campers) being early risers. Embrace the morn we say…after all sunrise in the country is pretty amazing to see!



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